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Peter Temple
Born in South Africa, Peter Temple moved to Australia in 1980. He has worked extensively as a journalist and editor, for newspapers and magazines in several countries. He has also taught journalism, editing and media studies at a number of universities.

The Jack Irish Series
Jack Irish is a Melbourne-based criminal lawyer who has a couple of fascinating sidelines, namely cabinet-making and participating in Horse racing betting plunges. While not doing either of these - or even while doing either of these - he investigates some intriguing cases.
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White Dog (2003)
Stand Alone Novels
An Iron Rose (1997)
Truth (2009)


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Latest Release :
Reviews for The Broken Shore (released Aug '05)
Melbourne's The Age says : If you only read one crime novel this year, read The Broken Shore. It's not just a good yarn - there are plenty of those - what Peter Temple achieves here is much, much more, capturing a specifically Australian perspective in prose as spare as it is precise. This book is the best yet from a writer who has already won a well-deserved reputation as one of our finest crime writers. You can read the full review here.

From the Dustjacket
Bad Debts : There wasn't anything the cops could do for you if people wanted to kill you. Not unless there was something you could do for the cops, and then you ended up living in a caravan park in Deniliquin on the witness protection program.
Meet Jack Irish, criminal lawyer, debt collector, football lover, turf watcher, trainee cabinetmaker, and the best Australian crime character we've seen in years.
When Jack receives a puzzling message from a jailed ex-client, he's too deep in misery over Fitzroy's latest loss to take much notice. Next thing Jack knows, the ex-client's dead and he's been drawn into a life-threatening investigation involving high-level corruption, dark sexual secrets, shonky property deals, and murder.
With hitmen after him, shady ex-policemen at every turn, and the body count rising, Jack needs to find out what's going on - and fast.
An utterly compelling and topical crime novel, Bad Debts has everything - humour, action, suspense, and an unforgettable cast of characters.


Black Tide : Jack Irish - lawyer, gambler, part-time cabinetmaker, finder of missing people - is recovering from a foray into the criminal underworld when he agrees to look for the son of an old workmate of his father's.
It's an offer he soon has cause to regret, as the trail of Gary Connors leads him into the world of Steven Levesque, millionaire and political kingmaker. The more Jack learns about Levesque's powerful corporation, the more convinced he becomes that at its herat lies a secret.
What he's destined to find is just how deadly that secret is...
Black Tide takes us back into the brilliantly evoked world of Jack Irish, with its pubs, racetracks and Australian football - not to mention intrigue, corruption and violence.

Dead Point : Jack Irish - lawyer, gambler and people-finder - is hunting down the villains who hijacked the winnings from his latest betting coup when he is hired by a mystery client to find missing barman Robbie Colburne. But Robbie turns up dead of a drug overdose. The case should be closed, but the dashing young barman was far from what he seemed, and the client wants to know more.
As Jack explores the young man's past, he finds himself drawn int oa deadly network of power, politics and money. In this world, nothing can be taken at face value and everyone is expendable - including Jack.
A taut and gripping thriller set in a sharply-drawn world of pubs, racetracks and dangerous people, Dead Point is Peter Temple at his finest.

Shooting Star : Frank Calder - ex-soldier and sacked police hostage negotiator - is just eking out a living as a mediator when he's approached by Pat Carson, patriarch of the dynastic Carson family. Pat wants him to deliver ransom money to kidnappers who've abducted his great-granddaughter, Anne.
Frank urges Pat to call in the law, but he refuses, since police bungling nearly cost the life of another Carson child kidnapped years before. So a reluctant Frank begins to deal with the kidnappers, and quickly becomes convinced that both Carson kidnappings were motivated by something other than money.
Over several feverish days, Frank searches for suspects in the web of Carson family businesses and deals, marriages and indiscretions, rivalries and intrigues. And all the while he knows that if his instincts are wrong the girl will surely die...
With Shooting Starm Australia's premier crime-thriller writer, Peter Temple is launched into an even bigger league.



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